Birdsong Yoga Physio

Birdsong Yoga Physio is for people with palliative, long term and incurable illnesses, mobility and balance issues or breathing symptoms to explore movement and breath by working with Yvonne, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher. 

Yoga and physiotherapy can improve a number of symptoms that people with these illnesses often suffer from.  It can help joint pains and stiffness; muscle weakness; loss of balance; anxiety and breathlessness; and some people feel it can lift their mood and balance their emotions. 

There is no expectation or need to be able to be 'superflexible' or 'an amazing gymnast' to come to Birdsong Yoga Physio - it is specifically designed for people with palliative or longterm illnesses and a variety of physical abilities and 'If you can breathe, you can do yoga’

(Krishnamacharya, the founding father of modern yoga, 1888-1989)