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I am Yvonne Whitehouse, a physiotherapist, lymphoedema therapist and yoga teacher with over 20 years experience working with people with palliative illnesses and other long term health conditions.  I have spent over a decade working in hospices in Fife and Edinburgh with people who are at all stages of cancer and palliative illnesses.   I understand how important movement, physical activity, breath work and relaxation are for people with health conditions and illnesses.

I have also worked in an NHS Oncology service, providing specialist physiotherapy to people who have had cancer surgery and treating side effects such as cording, loss of joint movement, seroma, scarring and lymphoedema.  I provided assessment and treatment to those who were going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, and had side effects such as fatigue, pins and needles in their hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy), muscle weakness, joint stiffness and breathlessness.  

I am delighted to now to be working in partnership with Kinetic Physio in Edinburgh, where I can see people in the new, modern and welcoming clinic rooms at Mortonhall Golf Club. 

I am also thrilled to have partnered with Percihealth, an online platform which provides holistic supportive cancer care to individuals across the UK. 

There is strong evidence to show that exercise can help with fatigue, cardiovascular fitness, lymphoedema, depression, anxiety, quality of life and muscle wasting in people with cancer but throughout my career working with people with cancer, they have so often told me how much they wanted to keep active and stay as strong as they could, but didn’t know how.​ Birdsong Yoga Physio provides a unique specialist service combining my experience as a physio, lymphoedema therapist and yoga teacher; offering people with or after cancer an opportunity to begin reconnecting with their body, breath and movement as it is now, taking into account symptoms, side effects of the illness, treatments or operations, emotions and body image.​

One of my key approaches to assessment and treatment is listening to what is important to each person that comes to see me, and working out a plan with them to work towards those goals. 

The name Birdsong was inspired moving to the country and my constant awe and wonder at the birdsong all around me.  This connection with the sounds of nature has helped me find moments of peace and calm in an otherwise busy life!​​ My happy place is on my yoga mat in the garden! 


Health and Care Professionals Council

Registered Physiotherapist 

Member of the Association of Chartered

Physiotherapists in Oncology and Palliative Care 

Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

200hr Yoga Teacher Training 

Menopause Yoga Teacher Training 

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