Your questions answered

I use a wheelchair or walking aid. Can I come to in person classes?

Yes, everyone is very welcome. All premises have close by free parking, level ground floor access and fully accessible toilets.​ I have up to date Manual Handling training through my NHS job and am able to provide assistance to people using wheelchairs, walking aids, splints or orthoses.

What equipment do I need?

For in person classes we will provide mats and chairs. I have a massage table that you can use for lying postures if getting up and down from the floor is difficult. If you can, please bring a blanket and a pillow If this is too much to carry or you don't have these things it is no problem. 

At home, please can you have a sturdy chair, a blanket and a pillow to hand. You may want to do the lying movements on your bed if it is difficult getting on and off the floor.

What qualifications and insurances does Yvonne have?

I am a State Registered Physiotherapist with the Health and Care Professionals Council.

I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and have Public Liability Insurance with them for my work as a physiotherapist.

I am a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals and have Public Liability Insurance and membership with them for the yoga classes.

I would like to come to Birdsong Yoga Physio but I can't afford it right now. Can you help?

Yes - absolutely.  Finances should never be a barrier to accessing Birdsong Yoga Physio, so please get in touch if you think the service could be of help, but paying full price is not possible.  There may be grants or sponsorship available.

If you would like to offer sponsorship or pay a class forward for someone else, then please also get in touch.

What data do you collect and how will you store my data?

All this information forms the Birdsong Yoga Physio Data Protection Policy

I would like my friend or family member to be able to come with me. Is that possible?

Of course.  You are welcome to bring someone with you to an 1:1 session or have them on screen for the at home sessions. If they would like to attend an in person class, just book them a place. There will be absolute benefits to them learning too.

I work for a hospice or charity and would like to provide your service to our clients. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely, Birdsong Yoga Physio can work with partnership organisations to deliver tailored services for your clients.